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Multinational organizations must consistently analyze their critical performance drivers and continue to evolve their service offerings in order to stay ahead of the competition. Ashton Crown offers strategic consulting services to help businesses develop innovative business models, take advantage of attractive growth opportunities, and devise strategies to outperform their competitors.

Ashton Crown combines in-depth industry understanding with deep technical expertise to enable clients to develop winning strategies for acquisition and divestment, service development, new market entry, regulation and political risk management, operational efficiency, and strategy activation. With Ashton Crown’s support, these clients have been able to develop new service offerings for an increasingly energy-efficient world, maximize ROI from strategic investments, and execute detailed plans for international growth.


To uncover and create new opportunities and assess and mitigate potential risks, clients turn to Ashton Crown for assistance in addressing the full spectrum of business services specialties, including:

Commercial Due Diligence
  • Evaluating end market dynamics
  • Competitive position assessment
  • Operational performance review
  • Integration synergies projection
  • Detailed investment thesis development
Identifying New Growth Opportunities
  • Identifying opportunities for expansion, matching attractive market opportunities
  • Developing actionable, practical implementation plans to capture new opportunities
  • Capital, investment and resource allocation and prioritization
Contract Economics
  • Lifetime value modeling
  • Optimizing pricing structure, guaranteed usage levels, margins, payment timings, work share and financing structures
  • Negotiation support
Accelerated Performance Improvement
  • Development and installation of the required project architecture
  • Steering group
  • Program office
  • Work streams
  • Reviewing existing processes to identify improvement opportunities
  • Validating strategic and operational improvement initiatives
  • Developing the detailed program implementation plans, including quick wins, milestones and underlying key actions, and deliverables
  • Managing the implementation process
New Business Model Development
  • Market gap analysis
  • Core capability assessment
  • Competitor benchmarking and capability assessment
  • Economic business modeling

Ashton Crown enables management teams and investors to create greater shareholder value through operational excellence. Our support includes optimizing asset utilization through depot network analysis, developing growth strategies, analyzing product portfolio strategy, new product development, sales force effectiveness, and acquisition or divestment support.

Our experienced team members facilitate the strategy development process by working through the essential questions at the heart of any project, including:

  • How should I optimize the delivery of services and maximize asset utilization?
  • What is the most effective way to expand my business into new geographic markets and where should I focus my investment?
  • How will new regulation affect market dynamics and my competitors, and how should I respond?
  • What new added-value service offerings will be most attractive to my existing customer base?
  • What adjacent market opportunities are there for my existing service offer?

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